Monthly Archives: April 2013

Rebecca Brandt

Saturday afternoon couldn’t have been prettier. I was honored to be able to do a photo shoot with my gorgeous cousin Rebecca to celebrate her graduation from LMU! I had so much fun being able to hang out and catch up with this chick, all the while sneaking insanely beautiful photos of her! The best […]

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Upcoming Shoot!

Weeeee the day is almost here!  I am so excited for my styled shoot that I have coming up on April 20.  My models are amazing and the vendors that I am working with have been absolutely fabulous.  They are all so adorable and I am so blessed that this is all coming together!  Stay […]

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Photo Adventures

While I was out shooting around last week, I happened to stumble across a beautiful peacock out on the trail.  I just wanted to share a photo of this amazing creature that our God has created!  Happy Monday :]  

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